Dec 31, 2010

Happy New Year (Pokhara View)

Happy New Year all... Enjoy panoramic view of Pokhara...

Aug 25, 2010

Going through old archive

Going through old archive image found these images from my Nepal trip way back in 2007. Its good to go back in time.

Hope all enjoy it......

Jul 5, 2010

120-400mm Tryout...

Taking few test shots with the Sigma 120-400mm. Will have to do some extensive testing with it. So far I like it. Looking forward for weekend to take some good shots...

Moon looks Beautiful. Taken Hand Held at 400mm 

The Crab was posing for me just going in and out of its hole... Had to take the shot.. It was nice....

May 5, 2010

Expo 2010 Shanghai China

Been to Shanghai recently for "Expo 2010 Shanghai China". It was really great. The theme was "Better City Better Life". There were a lot of country participating in the expo. Didn't have enough time to go to all of them. Went to few place only. Wanted to share the pics. The Expo will last for 6 month so people want to visit have enough time. Make sure to have at least a week and a lot of cash :). Till then enjoy the pics.

Shanghai City view from Huangpu River
Nepal Pavilion Expo 2010 Shanghai China (Traditional Nepali Architecture)
Oman Pavilion Expo 2010 Shanghai China( Dow Traditional ship used in Oman)
View of Oman recreated in  Expo 2010 Shanghai China
View of Oman recreated in  Expo 2010 Shanghai China
Pakistan Pavilion Expo 2010 Shanghai China

More Pics coming on the way :)...

Apr 9, 2010

Marine cruse- Muscat Coast line.

Here is from the today Marine Cruise.. Saw a lot of Dolphins.
 Here is the real Dolphin

Will update more shortly with details...

Mar 16, 2010

Busy busy busy....

Been so busy last few day could not update any contents. here is something for the time being. We were walking along the beach last week and there were flocks of birds catching fish on the shore.

Also spotted this kingfisher however could not get a good one.....

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