Jan 24, 2009

D90 test on ISO 3200

This image is taken at ISO 3200 and no noise reduction and not edited at all(converted from RAW to JPEG and change image size). Performance on ISO 3200 on D90 is really good almost matching the high end pro camera.

This one as well taken at ISO 3200. Its really amazing.

Jan 17, 2009

Confusing street sign

This is one of the most confusing street sign, what do you say... Location:- Hebbal Lake service road.

Look closely it says 100 inches no parking and I took it seriously and almost got a ticket from traffic police.. :)

Morning at Hebbal Lake.

Well as this is closed place from where I live I try to go there every weekend which is really cool place to hangout after a week of tiring and hectic week. It is also one cool place to meet with other photographer. I met couple of photographers Niranjan couple of week back and his work is really good. I also met Subramanya also pretty amazing work. Well here are some of the pics I shot. Hope you all enjoy it.

Really a bird's paradise, you can find a lot of species of birds here.

Also some spiders.

Some really nice looking flowers as well.

Well these are just few of the birds that you will find here. Will post some more images after  my next trip there.

Jan 13, 2009

Egret rescue at Hebbal Lake

In memories of late Launch Pad

Well we where out on a usual photo expedition and our subject where birds (there is a beautiful Hebbal lake near by my house). Few hours in the shoot there was a beautiful egret that was flying by and it unfortunately went and hit one of the electricity wire and broke its wing and while crash landing broke its leg as well(We named the bird Launch Pad). Now the Photography turned into rescue mission and we where scrambling our resource to contact CUPA wild life rescue and as usual no response from them. No answer on the phone we decided to to take things into our hand and take the poor bird to hospital. Doctors there after examining said hopes are very less however they can do their best which they did try however could not save the bird what was one of the saddest photo-shoot ever.
Every one tried their best to save the bird but it was not his lucky day I think. Here some of Launch Pad's photo to remember the bird.

Image © Subramanya C K
That's me holding Launch Pad.

Jan 2, 2009

Nikon D90 Review

Hi all. I have heard a lot of review on the Nikion D90 regarding the camera as a whole and the video option. Almost all the review on the video is neutral I would say however I think if we think of all the variables that effect the video keeping the camera in mind and what it can and can't do you can get a pretty decent video. I think Nikon will do better in next release.

First thing that comes in every ones mind is focusing, well it works only on manual focusing however you will get a hack of once you keep using it make sure you focus on the subject before you start taking the video, you can do that turning of the live view on auto focus and then switching to live view " keep in mind this would not help while taking any fast moving subject" and once you start taking video you can do minor adjustment.

Second one would be exposure "as there is no control to aperture once we start taking video" well there is no trick for this except making sure you don't point the camera to any bright light "or darker area". While indoor using a light source may be a video light or something else would be fine however outdoor is a problem.

Now comes "Rolling Shutter Effect". Review from Scott TWIP(podcast episode 056: And RED All Over) mentioned this and this is quite true however using a VR lens would help. I have few example video taken from Nikkor 55-200 VR and also non VR 18-55 and we can see the difference. The one taken by the 18-55 non VR lens you can see the rolling shutter effect more over it was taken on suspension bridge so you can see the whole thing moving however you can see the effect.

Helicopter about to land taken with D90 with 55-200 VR lens on about 150mm. You can almost see the chopper blades here.

Suspension bridge taken with D90 with 18-55 non VR (as there is VR version as well now) , not very impressive however you get the idea.

As a still camera I feel this is a very good camera I would say. We have a lot of example on that one. In 8 days tour of Nepal I took around 30 GB images and it was pretty good also was a good test of the camera. Overall the camera performed pretty good I would say.

Also not to miss the review from "Chase Jarvis" first one to review the D90 officially for nikon (that's how I bought the camera actually went to buy a different camera end up buying this and pretty happy about it as well. Thanks to Chase).
Also to add to all of this there is very good picture control tool built in to the camera which works really well. RAW processing through the built in picture control is really well and in case if you want to print the photo on site and want to do little touchup of image (mostly discussed on TWIP regarding trip to africa and you don't want to carry your portable however want to take RAW image and do little touchup before printing then its really good).
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