Feb 19, 2009

Back to Nature

To much of Aero India I guess so lets get back to Nature. Well all I can say is you have to patient and things will come to you. I was struggling to get this small birds images, one reason was technology(I was using 200mm lens). I need to be really close to fill the frame and by then the birds would fly away so I waited for them to come to me and I got some really good shots. here is one of Weaver Bird.

Squirrel in action.
More Aero India 2009 images yet to come, will be uploading in next post.

Feb 17, 2009

Aero India 2009 update

Here are some more images from Aero India 2009. Some more still to come.
C 17 Globemaster
Sarang Team on ALH
ALH Chopper
Armed version of ALH 
Euro Fighter 2000

Aero India 2009

Here are few images from Aero India 2009. You could see all kinds of fighters and choppers there and few interesting demo of what these workhorse can do. Been so busy not able to upload the images till now. Will upload the rest soon.

Eurofighter 2000 (Typoon)
F18 E/F Super Hornet

Lockheed Martin F16 (Fighting Falcon)

F 18 E/F Super Hornet

MIG 35

MIG 35

Lockheed Martin F16 (Fighting Falcon)

Feb 7, 2009

All in days work.

As usual it was interesting morning at Hebbal lake. This time the number of Pelicans there has increased. Also I was able to find few other birds as well. Here is one Red Wattled Lapwing.
Indian Pond Heron, usual suspects.
Pelican in flight.
Cormorant in flight.
Cormorant taking a sun bath :)

Squirrel modeling for me.

I like the garden there. Its really wonderful view of the lake from the garden.
Hope you all enjoy the pics.
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