Jun 20, 2008

Bandipur national park.

This place is know to be the tiger reserve of the south located at kerela Bangalore border, off mysore however we where not able to spot even one tiger. All we got where some few deers. However the trip was good and nice place in the night.

This is cottage number 7 as you can guess. Nice

 place to stay..

Early morning moth sitting on flower looks good.

 This is just before dry season and the fire is actually set by forest department referred as controlled fire so the forest won't catch fire later in dry season.

Really nice....

This is us. This photo is outcome of an accident however I tend to like it.

People enjoying the elephant ride.

Jun 19, 2008


Can you imagine this thing can carry 6 to 8 people....

One of the oldest means of transport still in use...

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