Nov 22, 2008

8 Days in Nepal, update 1

Here is updated to the earlier post (I have taken enough images in this 8 days I can keep writing about it for one whole year every day). This one is from Kathmandu referred as city if temples. Hope u enjoy the images as much I enjoyed capturing them.

Taken at Bhaktapur Darbar Square infront of Talaju Temple.

Ghadiyal taken at the Crocodile breeding farm in Chitwan National Park.

This one was taken in Chitwan National Park taken under moonlight.

8 days in Nepal

Hi if any one is there, this is from my recent trip to Nepal. I am from Nepal "now u know" so you must be wondering why I have mentioned "8 days in Nepal" as I am always there. Well this time I spent 8 day to capture few places in Nepal which show what Nepal is all about and why it is referred as Switzerland for this part of Asia(In early internet age one person my brother was chatting with said he thought Nepal is just mountains and people living in cave and was amazed to know we have internet as well:). Well I have not been able to visit all the placed there however I tried my best to be at the places I can. I was able to got the Himalayas almost"Ian I will make it next time", to one to the wild life sanctuary "Chitwan", City of temples also capital of Nepal " Kathmandu" and not to forget birth place of lord BUDDHA "Lumbini" (I live there). Most of the time I spent in Chitwan however all of this places are breathtaking even for me. I was able to be at places at most unusual times where I was totally captivated. I am not a man of many words when it comes to writing " Or typing in this case" all I can say is you have to be there to understand what I am saying. There is one person I know will agree with me on this one as he was with me and he had opportunity to see the Himalayas for the first time with is eyes(not in images or TV) and I know he was completely lost and that made me think........ I am sure U will get an answer to what I was thinking from the person who helped me with this trip to come true. This thread is to my friend Shriraj. Enjoy the images "I enjoyed every moment taking them". ( please ignore the water mark as I saw many people copying images I could not help it, if you want I can help you to get there).

This is not all, I am not even started this is just Pokhara, tribute to my friend. You will be seeing more may be in few minutes.
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