Jan 13, 2009

Egret rescue at Hebbal Lake

In memories of late Launch Pad

Well we where out on a usual photo expedition and our subject where birds (there is a beautiful Hebbal lake near by my house). Few hours in the shoot there was a beautiful egret that was flying by and it unfortunately went and hit one of the electricity wire and broke its wing and while crash landing broke its leg as well(We named the bird Launch Pad). Now the Photography turned into rescue mission and we where scrambling our resource to contact CUPA wild life rescue and as usual no response from them. No answer on the phone we decided to to take things into our hand and take the poor bird to hospital. Doctors there after examining said hopes are very less however they can do their best which they did try however could not save the bird what was one of the saddest photo-shoot ever.
Every one tried their best to save the bird but it was not his lucky day I think. Here some of Launch Pad's photo to remember the bird.

Image © Subramanya C K
That's me holding Launch Pad.


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