Jul 4, 2009

Tools and Artist, See the difference

Here is something for all the people who brag about the camera gear and always comment saying " Your camera must be good as it takes good pictures".
Its the photographer who takes the pictures, camera is like paint brush for painter. Tools are used to make art and the artist does the job of making them. Of course with better tools artist has more options however that does not mean that is the only thing artist depends on.

No Upgrade – No Problem by  Nicole Young 
Learn to respect the artist...

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When a photographer meets a writer said...

Hi Bipin!!!

I understand the emotions here.. but if you would take it positively, I must tell you, everybody has th right to express their opinion. So do you!!! There is nothing personal about it.. Dont take it to heart. I know how it feels when someone one ignores the skills behind the tools.. Just chill man!!


Bipin Regmi said...

Thanks Anupam, I was not talking about the opinion given to me. This is more general to every one :)

Thanks again.

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