Apr 12, 2009

From 8 Days in Nepal

I never got a chance to upload this picture of Narayani the tiger in Chitwan National Park. Her mother was accused to be a man-eater as the villagers told me and her mother and 2 other cubs where killed by the villagers however Narayani was rescued. She still lives in the sanctuary in a enclosed place. As she has lived in captivity in the sanctuary for so long the wild life officials there believe she would not survive in the wild so they continue to keep her there where she is safe from other predators(humans) however se is definitely living a solitary life. You will find her behind the crocodile breeding farm in the heart of the Chitwan National Park with in a enclosure.

Good news is now the locals are working to conserve this rare species and work toward living in harmony. People are learning if we don't act some day we will no longer have these amazing majestic creature among us. 
Lets do our part in saving what is left of the nature and its wonders.


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